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Saturday 1st of December From 7pm £35 pp

How does it work ?

You will be taken to a table no menu or decisions to make just sit back and enjoy the wonderful Hayley Toms and the sharp four whilst our Skilled team send out course after course of our favourite summer fayre when you start to slow down let us know and we will send out the finale’ sweet board bursting with every imaginable sweet delight.

What sort of food is it ?

We have adapted some of our favourite mains, starters and sides to be served in a tapas style and showcase the very best of what we do a few firm favourites have already made the cut like our famous liquorice ice cream and Venison Salami but that’s all we are giving away for now :) you can discover the rest on the night !

Can you Beat the Unfourseen ???

Each table will have a chance to guess each course before being told, if you get every course correct you win a mystery prize !!!